Lil Piegal Rolling Pin

Winter Fest 2009 was the best yet!!!

The Parade, the Games, the Snow, the Fun!!!!

Everybody had a blast at our Fish Creek Winter Fest this year!
Thanks to the Fish Creek Civic Association for organizing and coordinating it all!
For those of you who didn't attend -

The Great Winterfest Parade!!

Ze Qveen
(Digger DeGroot!)

Ready To Go!

Fisher Folks

Mascot Chit Chat

Hands On Drums

Pie Troup

Meanwhile - back at Sweetie Pies
The Pie Tin Toss Commences

Take Aim



Can't Miss!

The Audience is Spellbound

And The Winners Are:

Nate Ziegeweid

Kim Steger

Clifton Taylor

Gary Buerstatte

Eric Davis

Bob Warrens

Meghan Lampereur

Armando Jaurequi

Jim Wicker

Dean Volenberg

Brian Kelsey

Todd Fender

Rolling Pin