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Enter Cathy and Larry

Corinne is a super pie lady, but, she has many other talents.
She wanted to pursue her artistic side more,
maybe even go to college.
So she made it known that her share of the Sweetie Pie business would be available.
In Spring of 2006 relations of a good friend said they were such major fans,
they'd love to work on the pies - personal like!
Cathy and Larry Mazurek, of Des Plaines, IL, pitched right in
and started flinging dough and new ideas.
Cathy knows how to be to the point and sweet as pie both at the same time.
A very welcome ability!
Larry gives a lot of moral and muscle support while continuing his IT work with IBM via the internet.
Everything worked out beautifully with moving up to Door County,
and the pie crew has enjoyed Cathy's steady support and friendly guidance all summer.
Corinne is now a happy employee working as our chief pie maker
working four other part-time jobs
and hatching plans for her future.

Meanwhile, Renny Lea, Corinne's mom is now a full fledged partner.
She always was a constant help and source of great ideas and suggestions
now she is getting the respect of the title "co-owner"!
Its one great team which promises to make Sweetie Pies even greater!
The quality has steadily held and in some places improved,
and we should make it easier and quicker
for you to get your hands on those Sweetie Pies!

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Samuri Cathy

Bored of Directors

Brave Couple

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