Lil Piegal Bouncing Bear
Rolling Pin Art

Local Artists are at it again at Sweetie Pies

Honoring our trusty rolling pin and more!

This is the sixth year of asking local artists to honor the rolling with their creativity.
This year we opened the competion up to more pie related implements.
Oven mitts and pie servers are now topics of artistic license!

We have 7 artists who have contributed so far and we are asking our customers to get involved too.
On your next visit to Sweetie Pies, look for their display and cast your vote for the art of your choice!
There is a silent auction going on at the same time, if you would like to try to bring one home.
Help us celebrate our 17th year in business in beautiful, creative Fish Creek!
We will announce the winners and present fabulous prizes at our Labor Day Picnic at Sweetie Pies, 9/3/11 at 6:00.
Click the pictures to get a better look, then use the back button. Click the pie lady to get back home.

Auction continues til October. Note: some of the "bids" are actually the minimum asking bid.

Final results are in today (Sept 3)!!!

1 Put Your Heart In It
By Peter Scherrill
Votes: 20
Starting bid: $25.00

2 Apple & Cherry Mitt
By Linda Anderson
Votes: 14
Current bid $10.00

3 Little Roller Party
By Snezhana Reifsnyder
Votes: 57
Current bid $10.00

4 Sweetie Pies
By Gerald Richter
Votes: 105
Current bid $65.00

5 Cardinal on Bridlewreaths
By Charlene Schinktgen
Votes: 74
Current bid: $61.00

6 Cherry Blossoms In The Dough
By Rachel Warwick
Votes: 72
Not For Sale

7 A Stich In Pie
By Heidi Teich
Votes: 99
Current bid:$23.00

To see what some of our earlier contestants came up with click here.

It's too late to sign up, but to see what it takes, for next year, go here.

There's no place like home.