Lil Piegal Bouncing Bear
Rolling Pin Art

Local Artists are showing their stuff at Sweetie Pies

A tribute to the humble rolling pin!

This is the fourth year of asking local artists to honor the rolling with their creativity.

We have 9 artists who have contributed so far and we are asking our customers to get involved too.
On your next visit to Sweetie Pies, look for their display and cast your vote for the pin of your choice!
There is a silent auction going on at the same time, if you would like to try to bring one home.
Help us celebrate our 15th year in business in beautiful, creative Fish Creek!
We will announce the winners and present fabulous prizes at our Labor Day Picnic at Sweetie Pies, 9/6 at 6:00.
Click the pictures to get a better look, then use back button. Click the pie lady to get back home.

Winners were announced at our Labor Day picnic!! Check at the bottom for results!

Votes will be updated weekly! Come and support your favorite - only one vote per visit, but you can come back later and vote again!
Auction results will be posted also. Note: some of the "bids" are actually the minimum asking bid.

Final Rusults! Come celebrate tonight, Mon 9/6 at 6pm!

1 Quilted Rolling Pin
By Linda Anderson.
Votes: 34
New bid: $40.00

2, really it's just
a rolling pin...

By Peter Sherill
Votes: 269
Minimum bid: $150.00

3 Rolling Recipes
By Liz Orlock
Votes: 116
New bid: $20.00

4 Light House*
By Marion Orlock
Votes: 25
Minimum bid: $25.00

5 Puzzled
By Abigail Holzschuh
Votes: 174
Not for sale

6 Untitled
By Ashley Schnick
Votes: 56
Not for sale

7 Pies and Pastries
By Maureen Mercier
Votes: 50
Not for sale

8 At The Shore
By Gerald Richter
Votes: 162
First bid: $35.00

9 Vivaldi's Four Seasons

By Lori Birr
Votes: 62
Not for sale

10 Sails
By Charlene Schinktgen
Votes: 49
Minimum bid: $35.00

* Marion received our runner-up award last year: a cute little rolling pin, which she used to make this entry!

Here are our 2010 Highroller Art Contest Winners:

First Prize
Peter Sherrill
"No Really, It's
Just a Rolling Pin"

Second Prize
Abigail Holzschuh

Third Prize
By Gerald Richter
At The Shore
(Jerry couldn't attend picnic)

Renny Lea presents awards.
With Peter and Abigail
is Linda Anderson,
honorable mention.

To see what some of our earlier contestants came up with click here.

It's too late to sign up, but to see what it takes, for next year, go here.

There's no place like home.