Lil Piegal Pie Bird

There are wonderful gifts to go
with our pies and chocolates

Ceramic Ware

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Mugs & Tees

Our Ms. Sweetie Pie mugs and t-shirts will remind you of your visits to our shop!
The mugs come in four color schemes: Red, Green, Blue or Black.
Our t-shirts come in all sizes; from children's XS to adults XXL.
Mugs are $12.50     Childrens T's are $16.50     Adult T's are $18.00


We have many craft items, many by local artists and artisans.
They change from week to week, but presently we have:
Aprons, oven mits and other kitchen items.
Candle boxes in several designs provide a romantic glow for quiet evenings.
For our feathered friends we have attractive ceramic birdhouses.
Call for pricing.

Jams & Snacks

We also carry two lines of delicious local Door County condiments:
Dixie's Jams, Jellies and Syrups
Country Ovens Dried Cherries and More
Call for pricing.


There is always a wide selection of decorative fruit, berry and floral swags.
They add a nice touch to the atmosphere of the shop and would do the same for your home.
Call for pricing.


One more thing you may see in the shop this summer is our line of Piñatas.
We love to make these paper mache creations but we hate to see the kids bash 'em.
Lots of the kids we know feel the same way when the pinatas are too cute to smack.
So Dave figured out a way to make this Mexican tradition more non-violent.
Our pinatas have strings attached. About 20 strings hang down. Most of them just pull out.
But one is connected to a peg which opens a trap door at the bottom and lets the goodies fly.
Even the littlest kids can be the one to make it rain treats.
Here are some examples of recent piñatas.
Call for pricing and availability.

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