Lil Piegal Pie Bird

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Door County Magazine

Door County Magazine covers Door County activities in a vivid way.
In their Spring 2015 issue the had a great article about little ol' us!
Guess who was tagged as the recommended makers of cherry pie.

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Bamboo Bowl Sponge Blue Bowls Teal Crock Bowl

Wheat Motif Bowl:

Blue Sponge Bowls:
Six Inch: $15.00
Seven Inch: $18.00
Twelve Inch: $42.00

Crock Style Teal:
Six Inch: $10.00
Seven Inch: $12.00
Four Quart: $32.00
Eight Quart: $32.00

Fancy Rim Bowl Small Bowls Striped Bowls

Ground Rim Teal:
Seven Inch: $22.00

Seven Inch Crock:
All Colors: $10.00

White & Blue Stripe:
Six Inch: $14.00
Seven Inch: $16.00
Eight Inch: $20.00