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Corinne Lea

The "shy kid" who took over!

In 1997 the Lea family moved up to Door County from Sheboygan.
They came to be closer to Corinne's "Nana", Fran Miller.
Corinne was 16, a home schooler and eager to do something interesting
and earn a little extra dough.
She found a little pie shop that was in need of more help in the kitchen.
Her folks, Dave and Renny, were surprized to hear about this pie shop,
since it turned out to be located in "Aunt Elsie's" former house.
They had spent many a morning or afternoon all through the 70's and 80's in that same kitchen!
Elsie and Andy Redmann, Renny's aunt and uncle,
always had a cup of coffee and some muffins or pie for the visitors.

Despite being the rookie, Corinne learned fast and fit in well.
She became the instructor for new employees in a few years time.
In six years she was Susan's right hand gal.
When Susan decided to move to Appleton with her new hubby, Mike Murphy,
things looked troubled for the shop.

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